Safety Measures On Road / While Driving

  • Install Alarm systems, Tracking systems, immobilizers in your vehicle
  • Don’t talk on mobile phones while approaching your vehicle and while driving, or getting out
  • Keep a distance from the vehicle in front in case you need to escape or take evasive measures.
  • Watch your rearview mirror at all times
  • When approaching a parked car, kindly ensure that no suspicious persons are around
  • Instruct drivers to park the car at a prominent place, lock it and stand away from the car while waiting for you to return
  • In case someone blocks your road, try to choose an exit point even if it means damaging your car to escape the blockade
  • Wherever possible, stay on the roads having fast moving traffic
  • If someone forcibly enters your car, simply Bump into the car in front. This will create a commotion
  • In case you have to ram a vehicle barricade, ensure you don’t damage the radiator of your car. Your angle of attack should be close to 45 degrees to the rear of the vehicle in front
  • If suspicious vehicle follows you, honks or flashes its headlights from behind:
    1. Stay calm
    2. Do not give way, speed ahead and alter your route
    3. Head for the nearest safe haven such as Police/Rangers post, Military/ Navy barracks, busy areas etc.
    4. Try to lose them.