About Us

About Us

The rising crime trend in Karachi, specially kidnapping for ransom during 1980s caused hardships and grievances to the masses and the business community had to come forward to take the ownership of the city (Karachi). The idea was well perceived and taken by the then Governor Sindh, Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim who established a statutory institution that is known as CPLC today.

CPLC – Central Reporting Cell (CRC) was established at Sindh Governor’s Secretariat on 17th March 1990.

Chiefs of CPLC

  • Mr. Nazim F. Haji S.St Chief CPLC March 1990 to February 1996
  • Mr. Jameel Yousuf S.St Joint Chief CPLC March 1990 to February 1996
  • Mr. Jameel Yousuf S.St Chief CPLC March 1996 to March 2003
  • Mr. Sharfuddin Memon S.St, T.I. Chief CPLC May 2003 to March 2010
  • Mr. Ahmed Chinoy S.I , T.I. Chief CPLC March 2010 to June 2015
  • Mr. Zubair Habib T.I. Chief CPLC July 2015 to Present

Citizens Police Liaison Committee, Sindh (CPLC) is a non-political statutory organization. Established through a notification and recently through an amendment in which notification number VIII(3) SOJ/90 dated 15/04/1990 is omitted and after rule 1.21, the new rule is added as 1.21-A(1) stating CPLC Sindh as a voluntary, self-financing and autonomous body. It is a Non-Political Statutory Organization that provides relief to victims of crimes and provides Technical support to LEAs.

CPLC is a unique example of a public-private partnership whereby citizens have come forward as volunteers, took charge to rectify the deteriorating law and order situation in coordination with law enforcement agencies, and worked untiringly to achieve its righteous objectives.

CPLC has 9 Zonal Offices in Karachi including the CPLC Central Reporting Cell, located inside the Governor House of Sindh in Karachi. District offices in Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad, Mirpur Khas, Larkana, Jamshoro and Sukkur.

CPLC Strive to Monitor & Prevent Crimes, Protect Lives & Property, Uphold the Rule of Law, and ensure continuous improvement in its services.

This organization has worked tremendously during the last 25 years of its existence and has proved that whenever an initiative is taken with sincerity and dedication there are no boundaries to success. CPLC by virtue of its volunteerism, zeal, and acceptance among the masses, started with very few notified functions but had to expand in terms of the number of activities and infrastructure.