CPLC’s efforts are not limited rather expanded to provide relief to masses living in downtrodden areas of Karachi and as such CPLC launched purely Welfare based schools in 3 areas of Karachi where more than 1,150 students are provided free education, Books, Uniform etc and these schools have secured more than 90% result in SSC examination (Matriculation) in the last 3 years. The schools are situated at

  • Campus- I Khawja Ajmer Nagri
  • Campus-II Gulbahar
  • Campus- III F.B. Industrial Area
    — Special preference given to Police & Rangers personnel children
    — Free Education, Books, Uniform etc to all students
    — 90% result in SSC examination (Matriculation) in the last 5 years by CPLC Public schools’ students
    — Participated in Karachi Level contests and secured top positions e.g. in WWF Carnival